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Plate cutting Portable Water Jet Cutting Machine

Product Description: The traditional water jet cutting machine can not move quickly to meet different environment because of its size and weight. The portable water jet cutting machine can work as common air cutting equipment, and two operators can move it to other working place and cut quickly....

Product Description:


Technique parameter:

Portable water jet cutting system, including two parts: Cutting head and Intensifier pump.We can make different assist tool kit like a car to hold the cutting head to meet customer’s different requirement. We mainly develop two kinds of cars, the chain car and magnet car, and we have two kind of power drive, the electric and pneumatic type. 

The intensifier pump we match is 420Mpa series, and the max cutting thickness for portable water jet is 20mm- 30mm.
Technology data:  
1. Maximum Flow of Hydraulic Pump: 106L/min
2. Maximum Discharge Capacity: 3.7L/min
3. Maximum diameter orifice: 0.33mm
4. Max operating pressure:420Mpa
5. Continuous operating pressure is 380MPa
6. Power requirement : 37KW,380V/50HZ
7. American technology accumulator capability : 1.2L

The portable water jet cutting machine also need to match with some other accessaries, such as water tank, abrasive tank and high pressure tube. 


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