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Comparison of water-jet cutting and laser cutting

Laser cutting equipment of investment larger, currently most for thin plate, and part non-metal of cutting, cutting speed more fast, precision high, but laser cutting Shi in cut sewing at will caused arc marks and caused heat; addition on some material laser cutting not ideal, as aluminum, and copper, nonferrous metals, and alloy, especially on more thick metal plate of cutting, cutting surface not ideal, even cannot cutting. Current research on high power laser generator, is trying to solve the plate cutting, but the equipment cost of investment, maintenance and operation costs are also considerable. Water-jet cutting investment, low running costs, cutting of wide range of materials, high efficiency, easy operation and maintenance.

Comparison of water cutting and cutting

Processing of metal, wire has a higher degree of precision, but the speed is slow, sometimes need to use other methods of perforation, wire cutting, and cutting was restricted by a very large, water-jet cutting punching, cutting can be used on any material, cutting speed and size flexibility.

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