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Cutting machine considerations

1) when moving table or spindle, and according to the distance of workpiece correctly movement speed to prevent collisions when you move too fast.

2) program to determine the correct process according to the actual situation and processing route, stop processing location or take sides caused by insufficient strength of the workpiece either scrapped or cut fall ahead.

3) amount of line-cutting must be confirmed before procedure, and the compensation is correct.

4) check that the wire tension is adequate. When cutting taper tension should be down to the usual half.

5) check the electrode Wire feeding speed is appropriate.

6) according to the workpiece machining or secret process, choose open, and on the premise of avoiding interference to shorten the distance between the nozzle and the workpiece. Key processing, the distance of the nozzle and the workpiece and generally the 0.05~0.1mm.

7) check whether the Jets choose reasonable, rough with high pressure jets, finishing with low pressure Jet.

8) should observe when judge process stability, adverse adjustments in time.

9) during processing, you should always check monitoring of cutting conditions and found the problem immediately.

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