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Cutting machine for routine maintenance

1. each working day must clean dirt machine and the Guide, keeping the bed clean, after work turn off the gas source and power, and emptying the machine the gas in the tube.

2. If you leave the machine for a long time you turn off the power to prevent non-professional actions.

3. observe the machine horizontal and vertical guide and rack have no lubricating oil on the surface, so that it remains good lubrication! III. weekly maintenance:

1. weekly thoroughly clean the machine, transverse, longitudinal rails, rack and gear cleaning, add oil.

2. check the rub rail for horizontal and vertical work, such as normal replacement in a timely manner.

3. check that all cutting loose, clean up the garbage firing guns, keep the ignition normal.

4. in the case of automatic lifting device to check for sensitivity, do you want to replace the probe.

5. check the plasma cutting nozzle and electrode for damage, whether you need to replace the cutting nozzle and electrode.

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