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Cutting machine instructions for use

1, after cutting machine installation, power check each part of the machine rotation is flexible, the fastener is loose.

2, switch on the power, press master button, blade direction is consistent with the direction of the arrow. If reverse immediately adjusted. Check after the clamping rock cut rock when clamping, reliable clamping point should be selected to prevent virtual folder and folders. Avoid cutting process damaged by movement of rock tools and samples.

3, when clamping irregular rock, available top-pressure clamping, clamping methods shown in book 1. Clip holding steps: first will rock sample 8 flat put in work stage, then will top pressure mobile fixture 10 along t type slot 3 into, selected fixture and rock sample of distance, lock tight fixture base screws, upper and lower mobile top Rod bolt 13, to select reliable of clip holding points, then will top Rod mobile nut 11 lock tight, then again rotating top rod, until top Rod put rock sample top died, while twist tight top Rod nut 12, prevent top rod in cutting process in the loose.

4, and cutting core sample Shi, as rock number more, available random by attached of long plate pressure Shang number block rock sample, with cutting, to improve efficiency, loaded clip method as Figure 2 by shows, steps following: will rock sample 8 flat put in table 6 Shang, will plate bolt along t type slot 3 into, long plate 9 of end into table vertical surface of party hole in the, rotating regulation screws 7 and plate bolt of nut 10, can will rock sample pressure tight, as core sample diameter size slightly has errors, can in rock sample above added a bar thin wood, Long plate down to the rock. Clamp cut cuboids and cubes of rock samples, also uses this method.

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