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Water jet cutting

Water jet cutting, super high pressure water jet cutting machine is will General of water through a super high pressure pressure device, will water pressure to 3000bar, then through channel diameter for 0.3mm of water nozzle produced a about 3 times times Sonic of water jet, in computer of control Xia can convenient of cutting any graphics of soft material, as paper class, and sponge, and fiber,, if joined sand material increased its cutting force, is almost can cutting any material.


1. No limit in the cutting direction, you can complete a variety of special processing;

2. Water of the lateral force generated by the tool on the workpiece is extremely small, can reduce the setting time and economical use of fixture costs;

3. Waterjet machining does not produce thermal deformation, do not need secondary processing, saving time and manufacturing costs; 4. Waterjet machining cutting speed, high efficiency and low processing cost.

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