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Water-jet cutting machine advantages

1. Can easily cut stainless steel plate or marble, granite and other hard, to those for other

Methods are difficult to cut materials such as Kevlar, titanium and other composites are ideal or only means of processing.

2. Cutting without cracks, it can cut a narrow gap of material. In General, water cut incision of about 0.1mm to 1.1mm, abrasive cutting their incisions about between 0.8mm to 1.8mm ... Sand with nozzle diameter to expand its more incisions.

3. Can be used as a full range of cutting, including shape, angle or inclination;

4. Does not require secondary processing such as milling, can also reduce the dust during the cutting process, improving the working environment.

Water-jet cutting form and the composition of the water-jet cutting machine

On water cut from quality, pure water cutting and processing of abrasive cutting from points on the pressure, hydraulic pressure and mechanical pressure from machine tool structure, structure of gantry and cantilever type structure.

A complete set of equipment by ultra high pressure water cutting system, waterjet cutting, waterjet cutting head device platforms, components, such as CAD/CAM and CNC controller software

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