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Water jet cutting to what accuracy

Strictly speaking, CNC waterjet than flame plasma cutting machine can be more precise cutting, but also is a precision machine tool, should not be able to label accuracy. 10MM sheet cutting, cutting speed and control exactly, errors can do it +-0.1mm.

Water jet cutting cutting maximum thickness is

Because the water jet target distance is uncertain or is changing, CNC waterjet maximum cutting thickness is not well defined. Bold, dare say 400, 500mm, Conservatives called 100mm, are reasonable. CNC water jet flow on the existing 2~3 litres working pressure 200~380MPa, jets by air resistance, energy very quickly, to 400, 500mm, gone with the wind, there will be no combat force.

For general applications, cutting sheet metal thickness does not recommend more than 100mm, foam materials such as sponge thickness recommended no more than 300m

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