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What is a water jet cutting

Water jet cutting is the ultra high pressure water-jet generator and two-dimensional platform combinations of NC machining a plane cutting machine tool. To upgrade the water pressure is high enough (200MPa) and allow the water has great momentum, can penetrate the fiber, wood, leather, rubber, and mixed in a high-speed flow proportional abrasive, you can penetrate almost all hard materials such as ceramic, stone, glass, metals, alloys, etc. In the two-dimensional CNC platform under the guidance of the start or end anywhere in the material processing, press the track set to the appropriate speed, any flat-cut graphics.

Characteristics and advantages of water jet cutting

With the traditional "hot" compared to cutting, ultra-high pressure water jet cutting machine with water for cutting medium, is a kind of "cold" cutting process. It has the following features and benefits:

1. cutting without thermal deformation, avoiding materials physical and chemical changes;

2. widely adapted to the machining of various materials, the "universal cutting machine" reputation;

3. cut smooth, Burr-free, generally without further processing;

4. numerical control system, high cutting precision;

5. the cutting gap is less than 1.2mm, ease of cutting and saving of materials;

6. processing of wastes will not pollute the environment.

CNC water jet for those using other methods to cut materials such as Kevlar (Kevler), titanium and composite materials are ideal or only means of processing.

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