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In the machining process, cutting sheet commonly used hand-cutting, semi-automatic cutting machine, CNC cutting machine, cutting. Flexible and convenient hand-cut, but poor quality hand-cut, size error, waste of material, the subsequent processing workload and poor working conditions, low production efficiency. Profile cutting machine semi-automatic cutting machine, cutting quality is better, because of its use of cutting die, not suitable for single-piece and small-batch and large workpiece cutting. Other types of semi-automatic cutting machine while lower labor intensity, but its function is simple, only some of the more regular shape cutting. NC cutting relatively manual and semi-automatic cutting, could improve the efficiency of cutting sheet, cutting quality, reduce operation intensity. In some of the small and medium enterprises in China and even in some large enterprises using hand-cut and semi-automatic cutting is more common.

China's machinery industry usage has reached more than 300 million tons of steel, steel cutting very large; with the development of machinery industry, cutting sheet processing requirements while improving productivity and product quality. CNC cutting machine market potential is very large, the market Outlook is relatively optimistic.

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