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Development Trends

With modern machinery processing industry development, the cutting of the continuous improvement of quality, precision, to improve production efficiency and reduce production costs, with high intelligent automatic cutting requirements are rising. Development of numerical control cutting machine must meet the requirements of modern machinery processing industry.

1, the CNC cutting machine development. Several application of CNC cutting machine, CNC flame cutting machine and performance has been quite perfect, the material limitations of cutting (cutting carbon steel plate only), cutting speed, low productivity, its application gradually narrowing, markets are unlikely to have a big increase.

, Ion cutting machine has cutting range wide (can cutting all metal), cutting speed fast, efficiency high features, future of development direction is plasma power technology of improve, and NC system and, ion cutting tie problem, as power power of upgrade can cutting more thick of plate; fine plasma technology of perfect and improve can improve cutting of speed, and section quality and cutting precision; NC system of perfect and improve to adapted, ion cutting, can effective improve efficiency and cutting quality.

Laser cutting machine with cutting speed, precision and good cutting quality and so on. Laser cutting technology has been a key national support and promote the application of a high-tech, particularly Government stressed the need to revitalize the manufacturing sector, which will bring development opportunities to the application of laser cutting technology. Long-long-term development planning in the country, the laser cutting as a key enabling technology, as it relates to national security, national defense construction, high-tech industrialization and the development of science and technology, this laser cut to the high degree of attention, will also give a laser cutting machine manufacturing and great opportunities for the upgrade. A few years ago, most domestic sales of laser cutting machines for imported products, the share of domestic products was small. Along with the deepening of the user characteristic of laser cutting technology to understand and model, led to the development of domestic enterprises, production laser cutting machines.

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