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Domestic Production Of CNC Cutting Machine And Technology

From the application of a variety of CNC cutting machine, the domestic production of CNC cutting machine technical level, overall performance level has made gratifying progress, and gradually catch up with the international advanced level, meet the needs of users, to further enhance the market competitiveness. Some CNC plasma cutting products in many ways has formed its own unique characteristics, and realize the "Automation, multi-functional and high reliability." In some ways, the technical performance of the product even more than foreign products.

From development trend view, NC cutting machine market Shang NC flame cutting machine will keep its basic market, water jet cutting market will will has must degree increased, and NC, ion cutting machine, and NC laser cutting machine will became plate cutting market in the of mainstream power, dedicated profile NC cutting equipment, and contact type and non-contact type non-metallic dedicated NC cutting equipment also will will has larger of development space, whole NC cutting machine market will constantly expanded. Improve production efficiency and cutting quality of NC cutting machine, reduce production costs, improve the level of automation and system stability, improve the system become the direction of technological development.

1, arbitrary cut tape length

2, automatic tape feeding and cutting

3,LED screen

4, the main weakness of the sticky tape for cutting objects

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