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HEAD Company In My Heart-the Instruction Of Company


June 5, 2017, Shenyang HEAD Technology Co., Ltd. in the company on the third floor conference room held a spectacular speech contest, which is the company since the establishment of the second large series of speech contest.The theme of the competition is "HEAD company in my hear", that is, Shenyang HEAD Technology Co., Ltd. business presentation speech contest. The form of the competition is very novel, changed the form of single entry in the past, to sub-group in the form of competition, the company will be divided into all the six groups of staff, each group which is not less than 6 individuals, And includes personnel from different departments of the company, The form of competition for each group must have a participating PPT, and each group inside each member must speak. The purpose of this competition is to let everyone more fully understand our business, The second is the formation of a complete business presentation template, when a customer visits by sales staff to introduce our customers a complete enterprise, so that visitors to our enterprise customers have a comprehensive understanding.


The game divided into six groups. Each group contains members of the company's different departments, from a different point of view to describe their own heart HEAD technology, as we show a wonderful audio-visual feast. First of all, is the HEAD team, they are profound for everyone to understand the HEAD is how to do honesty, play, altruism, change, thanks to the five values, let us feel the power of HEAD's corporate culture. The second group of players is the iron fist team, they from the founder of the enterprise, sales performance, procurement management, technical assurance aspects of HEAD in all aspects of the achievements. The third group of players is not a personal clan, the clan brings the theme of "entrepreneurs", the enterprise than the writer, to bring customers feel at home, from the enterprise plant facilities, corporate organizational structure, business development process, Product introduction and other aspects to introduce you to HEAD technology.
The fourth group of participating teams for the four together, they focus on the credibility of the enterprise to ensure financial security and so on, people understand the importance of finance to an enterprise.
The fifth group is the core strength of the clan, they focus on explaining our production process, to provide you with a lot of each of our parts of the production process, which we have a better understanding of the product is very helpful. The last group of players is the vertical and horizontal four seas, team members are the company's broadcasting station anchor members, they from the corporate culture, the main product, production quality and after-sales service and other aspects of the enterprise to do a very complete summary. The game is very intense, everyone is actively show themselves, do their best to collect information, carefully discussed before the game, the game played a full play the strength of the team.






The game company specially invited the Shenyang Municipal Special Processing Association Secretary-General Shenyang City Die Association Secretary-General, Mr. Lu and Shenyang Yunda Insulation Materials Co., Ltd. General Manager Xie Ying ,  we Manager Wu The judges of the competition.  


The tournament eventually won the first and second place by the vertical and horizontal sea group and not a group, and we really felt the strength of the team and solidarity, which was the biggest gain of our competition.Our competition is not over, the winning players will be on behalf of the company to participate in the Shenyang Network Chamber of Commerce organized by the British enterprises to introduce the game, we expect them to achieve greater results.


We have a grateful heart, with the spirit of good faith, the courage to altruism, dare to play, and actively change, we are HEAD people

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