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How To Choose The Automatic Glass Cutting Machine?

And cutting precision

General requirements for the construction industry class in 0.5mm the following lines; but for automotive mirrors such requirements within ± 0.Olmm. The machinery manufacturers can provide the cutting accuracy is within ± 0. 2mm, but it cannot read product instructions introduced, at the time of acceptance of a complete set of test procedures for precision cutting, precision as to measure the actual cutting of the product, we have more than 10 test sample surface. Through testing we can fully grasp the cutting platform of flatness control level synchronization and control systems.

Second, the cutting speed

In the premise of meeting the cutting precision we can talk about speed, due to the shorter cutting platform, is difficult to judge whether the maximum speed with our eyes, we can use cutting machine servo drive with software features to see if the motor speed is the highest. Cutting speed in testing without real cuts, improve the speed of addition and subtraction. Each axis can be tested separately, also can be tested simultaneously.

Third, the automatic layout optimization

In the cutter on the edge of, taking into account the particularity of processing costs and jobs, normally be highly educated people to do this requires cutting machine operation to be simple, understandable, not too complicated, otherwise it will create affordable machine couldn't afford to keep the embarrassing situation of the machine. Preferably avoiding defect feature in domestically produced plate glass is sometimes a bad product. Cutting the graphics library and flexible, should make of CAD graphics can also be involved in publishing.

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