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Profile Cutting

Suitable for cutting all kinds of special non-ferrous metals, aluminium, aluminium alloy, copper, copper alloys, plastics, plexiglass (acrylic) and carbon fiber and other materials. Especially suitable for automatic cutting machine for aluminum parts, heat sinks, audio panels, video card, network card, CPU, hard disk case aluminum shell, MP3, USB stick aluminum shell ... ... Especially for the above materials short of precision sawing electronics.


1, by programmable PLC programmed, automatic feed, automatic feed, automatic sawing. Cycle for automatic cycles work. High cutting precision, small vibration, low noise, easy operation, high efficiency, suitable for cutting for a long time.

2, floating feeding system, does not hurt the surface, single feed stroke can be up to 650mm, 3 consecutive feeding, especially for short cut.

3, cooling circulation system, make cuts smooth and accurate, no edges, increase blade life.

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