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Russia Signed Agency Agreement With The Agent HEAD Water Jet

July 2017 20-21, Russian customers to Shenyang HEAD Technology Co., Ltd., to discuss the matter of agency equipment Russian regionsJuly 20, customers from the hotel, there is no time difference and rest went straight to the water jet cutter factory, to explore the Russian region of


the agent, the HEAD Ministry of Foreign Trade received a warm welcome, HEAD water jet cutting machine professional Russian salesman, Sun Xiao fei and Liu Jing led customers to visit the factory, a professional business, so that customers know more about HEAD company's main products, a series of favorable policies to enable them to the future development of the Russian market with confidence.


Subsequently, the training center of the principal, for the Russian technical staff training equipment installation knowledge of water jet cutting machine, Prepare for better service to customers.


Finally, HEAD general manager Wu Yu and the Russian agent signed an agent agreement, and issued a certificate. HEAD overseas agent family has a new member.

Two days, although very short, but Head water jet employees' enthusiasm and professionalism to the Russian friends were impressed, hope that the two sides started closer cooperation and mutual benefit to create a better future.

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