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The Current Situation

After for decades years of development, NC cutting machine in cutting energy and NC control system two aspects made has great of development, cutting energy has by single of flame energy cutting development for variety energy (flame, and plasma, and laser, and high pressure water jet) cutting way; NC cutting machine control system has by had of simple function, and complex programming and entered way, and automation degree not high development to has function perfect, and intelligent of, and graphics of, and network of control way; drive system also from of step into drive, and Analog servo drives to today's all-digital servo drives;

CNC cutting machine the main varieties include the following:

CNC flame cutting machine

CNC plasma cutting machine

CNC laser cutting machine

CNC water jet cutting machine

Other special cutting equipment (such as CNC pipe cutting machine, CNC profile cutting machine, other non-metallic special cutting equipment, etc,)

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