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Water Jet Intensifier Pump What Are The Characteristics?

1, repair speed


Water Jet Intensifier Pump High-pressure water jet crushing technology to ordinary tap water as the working medium, the operation of the high-pressure water jet crusher nozzle is not in direct contact with the cement concrete pavement, it will not produce mechanical friction damage, not because of the replacement of mechanical parts and loss of operations Time, and the nozzle can be multi-angle operation, greatly improving the efficiency of the road after the rapid repair can be put into use as soon as possible.


2, the construction of safe and reliable


Water Jet Intensifier Pump Construction personnel remote use of computer-controlled equipment, broken the whole process are in the process of automated state, the construction is more safe and reliable, especially for adverse environments.


3, environmental pollution is small


Water Jet Intensifier Pump High-pressure water jet crushing road construction without dust pollution, and the noise is small, after the end of the construction, concrete waste and waste water can be vacuum industrial vacuum suction, clean and tidy operation, conform to our country to promote the "building a resource-saving, Friendly society "requirements.


4, accurate range of operations


Water Jet Intensifier Pump High-pressure water jet crusher nozzle aperture is small, by setting the ultra-high pressure water jet pressure and water size, you can accurately locate the crushing range and depth, making the role of the concrete surface of the incision is small and tidy, to a certain extent, reduce the broken waste The number of the old road to improve the utilization rate.


5, the original structure is not damaged


Water Jet Intensifier Pump High pressure water jet broken local disease area has two characteristics: First, the operating process without vibration, will not make the surrounding concrete structure to produce any cracks, reduce the risk of secondary damage; Second, the disease area in the steel density, High-pressure water jet is difficult to drill into the internal reinforcement, so the steel will not bend or break, but also to achieve the effect of rust. Therefore, the damage to the original structure is almost zero.


6, strong bond


Water Jet Intensifier Pump After the broken concrete interface was hard and uneven uniform neat, the original structure and the new concrete contact area is larger, stronger cohesive force, no need to deal with the pavement can be directly paved new cement concrete, road construction Provided favorable conditions.


7, the construction cost is higher


Water Jet Intensifier Pump At present, high-pressure water jet crushing technology equipment has not yet made, the key components still need to import from abroad, therefore, whether it is to buy or lease, construction costs are higher.


China's cement concrete pavement maintenance and maintenance of heavy responsibility for the development of high-pressure water jet crushing technology provides an unprecedented opportunity and create a broad platform. The technology has the advantages of traditional hammer crushing methods can not match, with strong applicability and greater feasibility. Should reduce the cost of equipment, seeking diversification and other aspects of cooperation to reduce construction costs, so that the technology can be better and faster to promote and application.

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